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The following excerpt is

The Power of Aloha:
The Hawaiian Guide to Love, Health and Wealth
by  Kala H. Kos & John Selby

Chapter Five
Pili Aloha: Mobilizing Your Heart's Aloha Power

Each of us yearns to be in relationship with certain special people who help us feel fulfilled, loved, complete. We're solitary creatures to be sure - yet, we're also social beings and sexual beings who hunger for human contact and enduring loving relationships of many kinds. We've seen in previous chapters how we can readily begin, through the haipule ceremony, to use our inner intent to manifest what we need in our lives financially. We know now that we have the power to influence the unfolding of our lives. How does this directly apply to our ability to draw to our hearts those for whom we yearn?

In the next section you're going to learn how to expand your belief and experience your intimate interconnectedness with those around you, and then learn a very powerful haipule ceremony for making mind-to-mind contact and attracting to you those you're yearning to meet and merge with heart to heart. We have the power to bring every person we need into our lives to enjoy a fulfilling and supportive circle of friends, loved ones and associates. The process of finding each other need not be a random, frustrating search. Our minds do touch the minds of like-minded people and attract them. We can draw to us exactly the right people to fulfill our fondest interpersonal dreams.

The Huna Approach to Love

One of the greatest discoveries of the ancient kahunas was that love works better than anything else as a tool for effective action. Jesus taught similarly. For the Huna masters, the first thing to consider in our desire to feel compassionate love for the world is always our love for ourselves. Your connection with yourself is the most basic relationship you have. If you are not in harmony with yourself, if you don't have a loving relationship with yourself, you will then feel lack in your relationship with others. How do we learn to have a more loving relationship with ourselves - how do we come to feel genuine love for our own being? When we look again at the word aloha, we gain the most important insight: alo means "to be with" and oha means "to feel joy, happiness, contentment, peace." Furthermore, Ha directly points us to our own breath experience in the present moment.

So the message of aloha is clear: We need to be here in the present moment in full awareness of our presence and to feel joy, happiness and contentment at the core of our being. When we have this feeling in our hearts, we are more effective at attracting complementary hearts that feel similarly. We mentioned early that we all have the ultimate power to choose what we're going to think, to choose how we're going to see the world around us and how we're going to see ourselves.

We've now come to the point where we can ask: Are we going to continue seeing the world as somehow imperfect? Are we going to continue judging ourselves as bad, inadequate, wrong, sinful, not-good-enough? Are we going to continue making ourselves suffer chronic mental anguish (guilt, fear, depression, anger, hatred) and even physical illness because we don't love ourselves just as we are?

When we choose to focus on our world and ourselves from the perspective of happiness and praise, we move into the state of aloha. When we choose to focus on ourselves and the world from the perspective of judgement and criticism, we drop out of the aloha experience and sink into what the Hawaiians call kehena - living hell.

Loving Ourselves - Loving the World

Realizing that we cause ourselves to suffer whenever we hold the belief that the world or we, ourselves, are somehow not good, of course we want to shift into seeing the world as good so that we can feel happiness in our hearts, rather than discontent. But how can we do this? First of all, as described earlier, spend time over the next days and weeks regularly catching yourself when you think a negative thought about someone or something out there, or about yourself, and pause to inquire as to whether that attitude about something being not-good serves you. If you realize that holding that attitude or emotional charge is hurting you, then choose to replace that prejudice with this simple reprogramming of the ku/lono mind:

ONE: As you exhale, say to yourself, "I love myself." Inhale with your mind quiet, as these words resonate through your being.
TWO: Now exhale, saying "I love the world." Again, inhale with a quiet mind, as the words flow into your being.
ONE: Now as you exhale, say "I love myself" again. and continue with this pattern as long as you like. You'll find this simple two-part meditation (focusing inward, then focusing outward with your feelings of love) a most beautiful experience. You may find yourself wanting to do this several times, every day, for the rest of your life. just to make sure that your ku belief system remains focused upon your conscious intent, rather than backsliding into your whole assortment of negative beliefs about you and the world. The feeling that comes to you when doing this will, in and of itself, generate the desire to do it more!

2) Sensory Cues: While saying the verbal statements "I love myself" and "I love the world" a number of times to yourself, you can also begin to add sensory impressions that resonate with your feelings of love for yourself and the world. One nice impression is the image of opening your heart as if it is a window on the world and experiencing fresh, cool, scented air coming in through the open window of your heart. Feel the warmth of the sun. Look and imagine seeing the most beautiful natural scenes outside your window or beautiful faces of people smiling back to you.

3) Emotional Connection: Feel the enthusiasm you have for bringing your whole being into the state of compassionate love. Also feel love in your heart for anything and anyone for whom this feeling is already strong. Allow your whole body to be more and more filled with feelings of love, peace, contentment, bliss, joy!

4) Piko Piko Energization
At whatever point you choose, pause in the two-part love statement, and take time (a few breaths at least) to build up your inner charge of mana so that you're more highly empowered to accomplish your intent. This process will increase your energy and keep energy flowing through you at higher levels as you continue with the ceremony:

: As you INHALE, say to yourself, "I am receiving love," and feel this mana flowing in through the top of your head.

TWO: As you EXHALE, say to yourself, "I am sending love," and feel your love flowing out into the world. Continue with this receiving/charging breath procedure for at least a few breaths. Then, with this raised charge and ongoing flow of energy, say again to yourself, "I love myself ... I love the world" ... When you come to feel this primal affirmation to be true in your heart, you discover the aloha spirit effortlessly penetrating to your very core. You're happy to be here, in the present moment, in your own presence. Now that you're feeling deep love for yourself, you've just become your own best friend!

By becoming your own best friend, you complete the essential first step in "finding each other." You find your true self, your true identity as one with Spirit, living in the reality of God's creation, which you now choose to perceive as good, loving, right and perfect.

This process of coming to love ourselves completely is a progressive experience. No one can demand an instant shift from habits loaded with guilt and judgment into full "I love myself just as I am" mode. Practiced diligently, the Huna way is a direct path to accomplishing the ultimate goal of becoming our own best friends so that we can then be true friends to others.


This excerpt was taken from The Power of Aloha written by Kala H. Kos and John Selby. Though this book is not in print yet in North America, if you are interested in purchasing it in the near future, please send an email to: kala@telus.net.

This book is currently available in German and sold in Austria, Switzerland and Germany as Die Huna-Lehre published by Goldmann. It is also available in Poland as Moc Aloha i Wiedza Huny published by Wydawnicwo "Kos".

Copyright, Kala H. Kos, Ph.D. and John Selby, 1999.

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