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Frequently Asked Questions
about a Personal Empowerment Session

What is an Empowerment Session and how do I benefit from one?

Empowerment Sessions were created by Kala H. Kos to address the desire of her clients for self-revelation, self-realization and self-empowerment.
To that end, Kala utilizes the tools of the ancient Polynesian knowledge of Huna as well as the techniques of Theta Healing. (It is known that the Kahunas called on the High Self and engaged the source of creation for instant healings and manifestations in such a way that similarly evoked a theta brain-wave state.)

A session with Kala is a way to get in touch with your deepest desires and discover what core beliefs are keeping you from realizing your dreams.
You have probably worked on a subconscious level with some of your limiting issues and seen some progress -- but were most likely dismayed when the same limitations suddenly showed up again - just when you thought you'd handled them once and for all.

The key to lasting change lies in the discovery and alteration of your own limiting beliefs that exist on four different levels of awareness:
the Core Belief (conscious or subconscious, from childhood experience), Genetic (ancestral lineage, DNA), Historic (group consciousness), and Soul Level (spiritually embedded beliefs.) If a limiting belief is changed on all four of these levels, it will not rebuild itself again. Facilitating this process for her clients is Kala's specialty.

In the past thirty years, Kala H. Kos has taught thousands of people how to work with the forces of nature and the powers of the mind, and she's seen remarkable changes occur in their lives. Do visit her site by using the links at the end of this message, and read the Client Success Stories.
Kala has a very high success rate helping individuals achieve remarkable results.

Her Empowerment Sessions have inspired testimonials such as these:

"I recently had the opportunity to do a session with Kala in her empowerment work. I have done many different things to deprogram over the last few years. I have spent many hours and several thousands of dollars to get through my 'stuff'. I was thrilled with the results from the couple of hours spent with Kala. We worked on one particular issue and within a couple of days, I was blown away by the results that I have achieved. I feel differently, I act differently,
I think differently, I believe differently.
Thank you Kala. What a gift to the world!"

Jan Janzen,
President, Women Empowering Women

"I feel juicy and alive. People are telling me how good I look. Truly, something shifted. I feel happy and energized and stronger and more confident. Not only that, I've stopped doing paperwork for others and stopped being the constant caretaker! The process is so simple and I'm happy I can do this work on my own and for others."

Nisha Helmig,
Entrepreneur and Health Practitioner

If you would like to learn how to release and replace what is holding you back from experiencing more joy, grace and ease with love, health and money, an Empowerment Session is for you. Rather than merely sharing theory or motivational hype, she will guide you through uncovering and shifting your deepest challenges and limitations.
This practice can quickly reveal systems of belief that might take traditional psychotherapy years to uncover. You will identify core beliefs that may surprise or stun you. You will also experience the changing of those beliefs and be taught how to verify those changes through a simple system of muscle-checking.

How long is a session with Kala?

Personal Empowerment Sessions with Kala last 60 Minutes. During that time Kala will assist you in clearing any blocks that have prevented you from realizing your most cherished dreams and goals. The special clearing process can heal many emotional, mental, family, karmic, DNA and related issues. Changes within oneself often have a positive ripple-effect within the family as well.

What can I look forward to if I choose to have a session?

The benefits clients have reported include:
new vitality, greater confidence, expanded personal magnetism, a deeper acceptance
of self and others, a renewed feeling of innocence, enhanced intuition, more experiences of love, pleasure and joy, a richer flow of opportunity and abundance, and an improved access to their own power in the present moment.

Kala's clients often report that they received more from 60 minutes on the phone than they did in years of self-help seminars, books or therapy. Why? Previously the client was unaware of the true root cause that was affecting him or her so pervasively. Once he or she changes the root belief on all necessary levels of the inner plane, the outer plane reflects those changes profoundly.

How is an Empowerment Session different from coaching sessions?

Typically, coaching requires longer term commitments on your part. In this case, there is no dependency on Kala as the coach - instead the focus is self-reliance and self-empowerment.

If you could change one thing that's been holding you back in your life, would you change it right now?

Through a Personal Empowerment Session you can learn what's really been holding you back from experiencing your highest possibilities and address the issue (or issues) at their source, the very blueprint of your reality.
You can then see the true possibility - and Kala can help you become it.

What is the procedure to have a session with Kala?

Schedule an appointment to speak with Kala and receive a discounted introductory session to see if you are a match to work together. Go here to book your appointment now:www.becomemagnetic.com/appointment

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Me ke aloha pumehana -- with warm affection,
Kala H. Kos

Author of:
Ecstasy and Success & The Power of Aloha
Seminar Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Empowerment Expert

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