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"During a powerful session with Kala on the weekend, I identified a core issue related to my abduction as a baby from my grandmother in the middle of the night (74 other Squamish Nation infants and toddlers were taken in this same manner.) Replacing the core belief created an instant sense of peace and calm and at the same time pure joy. I have been using this work with my daughters and getting immediate results. I feel so blessed!"

Tia Brown

"I attended the Theta workshop with Kala and she helped me clear some very old programming around money. In less than a week afterward, I attracted into my life a new opportunity with a new company. I saw the vision and the possibilities with this company, which is all about creating money ~ trading on the foreign exchange. In my first month in business, I made almost $10,000 and I have continued at that rate. I definitely will create a six figure income this year and I attribute this to my work with Kala. I feel juicy and alive. People are telling me how good I look. Truly, something shifted."

Nisha Helmig

"I attended the weekend to shift a pattern that had been shadowing me for 32 years. I arrived feeling low energy and deeply lacking in life and joy inside. I dealt with the issue head-on and had a definite shift. I left feeling exhilarated, energized and I'm having an amazing and profitable week. I do feel like I have 'reclaimed' parts of myself that I thought were lost forever!"

K. Ross

"I was completely surprised when I discovered the core belief that has kept me from moving forward in my career. Since pulling and replacing that belief I feel totally empowered to move ahead in both my life and my career."

Evelyn Mayhew

"During the weekend I was able to release an emotional issue that had been a negative part of my life for 35 years. I was astonished to discover that simply doing that affected my body so that I could stretch and have my hands touch the floor for the first time in my life. Ive since noticed a difference in myself and have been trying to put my finger on it. I think it is a calmness and increased confidence, but at a deep sub-conscious level."

G. Crosby

"Im so glad I took the time to attend this workshop! It showed me a new way to think and a new way to be. I feel like Ive found myself! The weekend was such a pleasure and has enriched my life in a very positive, loving way."

Gail Diewert

"I came to Kalas workshop with some limiting beliefs that had affected my health. After experiencing a powerful system for clearing those beliefs, I was the recipient of much needed energy into my neck and shoulders, thereby healing a serious blockage. I came away feeling renewed, refreshed and free of pain. This program has been a tremendous help for me."

Donna Hughes

I attended the weekend hoping to change the root cause of issues that had stayed with me my whole life (in spite of the large number of books, seminars, etc, Ive tried.) I now believe that change is positive on all levels because Ive witnessed the change take place! I plan to use the techniques for myself and others immediately."

Cheryl Carlson

Me ke aloha pumehana -- with warm affection,
Kala H. Kos, Ph.D.
Author of:
The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success
& The Power of Aloha
International Seminar Trainer, Empowerment Expert &
Manifestation Mentor

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